Padre Pio and Chiesa viva      

Vatican II About Face!

by Father Luigi Villa Th. D.

«If an Angel came from Heaven to announce
a different Gospel from the one I have brought to you,
it would be an anathema!
Apart from having a different Gospel,
there are heretics that intend to distort the truth.»
(Saint Paul – letter to the Hebrews)

"Vatican II About Face" is the latest in a series of books written by Fr. Luigi Villa Th. D. that have been translated into English.  Translated into English in 2011, this book reveals all of the serious defects and even heresies promoted by Vatican II.
Concise and to the point, Fr. Villa explains eight heresies that have been ordained and promoted by this Council:

1. The Cult of Man
2. A New Religion
3. “New Prophets” of Joy
4. Idolatry of the World
6. “Religious freedom”
7. Ecumenism
8. Universal Salvation

"I believe there will come a day
when Vatican II will be declared
“null and void” in a solemn judgment
of the Supreme Pontiff.
It will then appear as an anomalous stone,
abandoned at the back of a cemetery."
Fr. Luigi Villa Th. D.





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