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This is Padre Pio's New Church?

Renzo Piano's New Church dedicated to St. Padre Pio

After having received more than $150,000,000 in offers for the construction of the “new church” dedicated to Padre Pio (and who knows how much they spent for it, instead!) , the the Ordine dei Frati Minori Cappuccini di Foggia (Capuchins) decided to have this church built.


Back View of the Church dedicated to St. Padre Pio

This new Church was studied in detail by Mr. Franco Adessa. He has voiced his concerns over this creation.  He believes that:
1. The powers that be are using Padre Pio for purely monetary gain as a grievous wrongdoing.
2.  That a much more sinister plot is working behind the scenes in San Giovanni Rotondo.
3. This new Church has been designed as a Masonic-Satanic Temple to enshrine the Triple Masonic Trinity and crown Lucifer as God.
He has written a very in-depth Dossier consisting of 62 pages with diagrams of how each stone and each piece of artwork was carefully investigated.  
He has given a critical analysis on each focal point in the church.  This detail by detail account, which took 8 years to write, has exposed the cryptic Masonic meanings attached to the mysterious hieroglyphics and illustrations within this monstrous and fiendish “new church.”


Beautiful - No? - that is if you like alot of cement!

This new Church is riddled and embedded with Masonic Imagery and Symbolism.  Amongst the hundreds of Masonic symbols drawn into the blueprints and also depicted in the artwork within and around the church, here is the essence:
This “new church” is not a Catholic church but a “Masonic Temple”, or better, a “Satanic Temple” which glorifies Masonry and its “god,” Lucifer. The most horrible impiety, committed in this church, is the replacement of the Most Holy Trinity with the blasphemous, Satanic and Masonic Triple Trinity; the replacement of Christ by Lucifer as man’s Redeemer and the replacement of Christ by Lucifer as King of the Universe!


The Cross over the altar which is an inverted triangle

The conclusion of Franco Adessa’s in-depth analysis is that this Church is in reality the Temple of the “Ecumenical Counter-Church” of the Antichrist! 

The beauty is astounding! - Not!


To read more about this Satanic/ Masonic Temple

dedicated to St. Padre Pio read

"Chiesa viva's Special Edition #381

"A"New Church" dedicated to

St. Padre Pio

A Masonic Temple?"

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