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Our Lady of Good Success

- The Four Hundredth Anniversary -



On February 2, 2010, the four hundredth anniversary of the Church approved devotion to Our Lady of Good Success was observed with great ceremony in Quito, Ecuador.  The feast day of Our Lady of Good Success falls on a recognized holiday of the Catholic Church: the Feast of the Purification or Candlemas Day.


Why is the devotion so important for our times?


In the years between 1582 and 1634, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to a cloistered Conceptionist sister in Quito, Ecuador named Mother Mariana de Jesús Torres. During these fifty-two years, Our Lady appeared to her asking to be known under the title of Our Lady of Good Success. She spoke to Mother Mariana about the future times that were to come for the Catholic Church particularly in the period "from mid-twentieth century onwards". Our Blessed Mother described for her the grave crisis that would take place in this era within the Catholic Church and also Society in general. She condemned most especially, on several occasions, the satanic work of Freemasonry which would result in devastating and destructive attacks against both the Catholic Church and Society.


In the 1582 apparition of the Most Holy Trinity, Our Lady asked and obtained Mother Mariana’s consent to offer herself as a sacrificial victim not only for her convent and her country, but especially for the Universal Catholic Church and for Society in the period prophesied in the twentieth century, which would fall into a most dramatic and profound crisis. Our Lady insisted on the necessity of prayer, mortification, penance and suffering, not only as a gift acceptable to God, but as the only means by which Mother Mariana and her convent would be able to help the Catholic Church and the world.


The Apparitions of Our Lady of Good Success to Mother Mariana contained many prophecies relating to the Society, the Government and the Church in Ecuador, but also provided an overview of disasters in which the Universal Catholic Church and the world would be thrust into during the Twentieth Century and beyond. Over the last 400 years, most of these prophecies have come true which is proof of the authenticity of these visions. But there are others, which have yet, come to pass, in particular, that of "complete restoration of the Catholic Church".


Since the approval of the Bishop of Quito in 1610, all the bishops, who have governed this diocese, have always officially and publicly promoted the devotion. Now the question arises: Why, after 400 years, should the faithful of the Universal Catholic Church cultivate this devotion and petition the Blessed Mother under the invocation of Our Lady of Good Success?

Speaking through these prophecies, Our Lady of Good Success endeavored to tell the people who would be affected by the wrath of God to “clamor insistently” to shorten the time of this "divine punishment", promising that she would one day “effect the complete Restoration of the Catholic Church” in a marvelous way.


To promote this devotion, Our Lady ordered Mother Mariana on several occasions, to have a statue sculpted in her likeness until, on January 21, 1610, Our Lady said: 


«Now I ask and command that you have made [this statue] for the consolation and preservation of My Convent and for those faithful souls of that epoch during which there will be a great devotion to Me, for I am Queen of Heaven under many invocations. This devotion will be the lightning rod placed between Divine Justice and the prevaricating world to hold back God's Hand from unleashing the formidable punishment that this guilty earth deserves».


This Sacred Statue was completed in the course of a year and was consecrated by the Bishop of Quito, on February 2, 1611. This is the Sacred Statue of Our Lady of Good Success, miraculously completed by the three Archangels Gabriel, Raphael and Michael, and who still resides in the Convent of the Immaculate Conception of Quito.



«This, then, will mark
the arrival of my hour,

when I, in a marvelous way,

will dethrone the proud and cursed Satan,

trampling him under my feet

and fettering him in the infernal abyss».


(Our Lady of Good Success, February 2, 1634)



To learn more about the devotion to Our Lady of Good Success,

read the PDF file of the Special Edition of "Chiesa viva" No. 413.



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"Our Lady Condemns Masonry"
Father Villa's Special Edition dedicated to Our Lady of Good Success in Feb. 2009




Prayer to Our Lady of Good Success
to aid us in these dire times.

Oh Most Holy Mary, Thou hast demonstrated so many

times how pleased Thou art when honored with the

avocation of Our Lady of Good Success; grant us, we

beseech Thee, the grace that we have now asked of Thee.

Moreover, cast a compassionate glance on our Country,

in which Thou sees plunged in so many miseries, above

all spiritually. Take pity on us since all the evils

overburden us.

Thou deigned to visit Ecuador from the beginning of its

birth as a civilized and Christian nation. With tender love

Thou descended from Thy imperial throne in Heaven to

the Monastery of the Immaculate Conception in Quito.

Why hast Thou appeared so many times to Thy angelic

servant, Mariana de Jesus Torres? Thou manifested Thy

will to have a statue made under the title of Our Lady of

Good Success and that Thou be presented with the keys

and the crosier. Certainly with these details Thou wished

to give proof of Thy ineffable love for the Monastery of

Quito, consecrated to honor Thy Immaculate Conception.

But it is not less true that, with this act, Thou wished to

protect in a special way the City of Quito and the whole

Ecuadorian nation [and the Church], evidenced by the

fervor with which the Ecuadorians have always honored

Thee as their sublime Patroness. The numerous favors

that have always been attributed to Thee serve as a

manifestation. Therefore, dear Lady and most-loving

Mother, look at the misery hanging over us. Grant that

the rights of God are respected in our country: that

children receive an education in Catholic schools, so that

one-day they may become well-instructed people and

good Christians. Grant that the Church founded by Our

Lord Jesus Christ with basic fundamental rights along

with the worship due to God revives the fervor in all

Catholics. May their thoughts and actions be those of

discerning Christians. May our straying brethren now

abandon the paths of apostasy. May they correct their

steps toward the sheepfold of the Church, of which they

departed through their rejection of Its dogmas. May the

seminaries flourish in number and by virtue of those who

throughout time will be the guardians of souls. May that

glorious day soon dawn when all Ecuadorians [and

Catholics, worldwide] unite closely together to pay

tribute to God and surrender the social cult that He

deserves as Supreme Maker of all things. Oh Most-Holy

Virgin of Good Success, despise not our petitions. Have

pity on our unfortunate country; provide its remedy and

grant us - that after our Christian life is spent we

may enter into Heaven and sing the praises to God in

Thy company throughout a glorious eternity.


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