Padre Pio and Chiesa viva      

Why Was Padre Pio Poisoned?

By Dr. Franco Adessa

"The dossier “The Secret
 of the Padre Pio’s Empty
Tomb” exists, currently,
in Italian, English and Spanish
and has already been distributed
to the Religious authorities,
the Clergy and the top political
authorities, worldwide.
The darkness that envelops this
“secret” could easily be dispelled
if one could only answer,
in an exhaustive way, these three
simple questions:
1. Was Padre Pio poisoned?
2. Who wanted Padre Pio poisoned?
3. Why was Padre Pio
With reference to the contents of
the dossier “The Secret of the
Padre Pio’s Empty Tomb” and
of the book bearing the same title, and from which this
dossier was drawn, we will try to answer these three questions.
Let us state, that whereas to answer the first two
questions, it will only be necessary to report, even if in a
summarized form, already well-documented historical
events, the real difficulty concerns the presentation of the
facts that will have to fully answer the third question."



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