Padre Pio and Chiesa viva      

Chiesaviva - Sp Ed #441

by Father Luigi Villa Th. D.

"The Pope Who Changed the Church"

This Special Edition #441 is a synopsis of the "Montinian Trilogy" that Fr. Luigi Villa had written over the course of several years.  As the process of beatification for Paul VI has once again been up for debate, Fr. Villa once again sounds the alarm to stop this sacrilege - listing the details of Paul VI's unhallowed years as a priest, bishop, cardinal and finally pope.  He warns not only the Catholic Church's hierarchy and clergy,  but also the laity as well with his doumented and factual account.
In this issue, he highlights his numerous and scandalous misdeeds including his ties to Communism, Masonry and Homosexuality, thus giving the Church sufficent reason - once and for all - to: STOP THE BEATIFICATION OF PAUL VI!







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